Jean-Marie Lemoy, sculptor

Good day,

Many of you have probably been through an art show and had the opportunity to see my work whether in Montreal, St-Hyacinthe or St-Jean-sur- Richelieu.

Since I was a boy, I have been interested by wood work. I had many occasion to practice wood work since my father and brothers made a career in wood working.

I took a course in wood carving in the 70’s but the result was not very encouraging. I remember that I attempt to carve a pot of roses. I worked on it for many years but at the end the results was not to my satisfaction and I throwed it in the garbage.

The wood carving at this period was probably not my priority. My interests were oriented in building a little family and a career in aeronautics.

When I retrired in 2001, I decided to build a rocking horse for my grand son. So, I purchased a magasine from USA and followed the method step by step. I was impressed by the results when I saw the finished work. My friends congragulated me for the beauty and the originality of my work. This was the beginning of a fantastic adventure.

I produced many more models from ideas that I picked up form calendar picture of photos of horses that I took in the field. In 8 months, I produced 8 horses and I was invited to expose them at La foire du bois in St-Hyacinthe. To my great suprise I won the first price. This price was issued from a vote of 13,000 people and I deducted that in general people liked my work and I decided to continue.

In the following years, I participated to various art show and changed gradually the smaller work of art. Now I can offer a significant number of different pieces and hope that one of them will charme you and motivate you to acquire one of them.

Thank you and have a nice visit!


  Jean-Marie Lemoy
(450) 378-2903
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